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Network Related FAQ...


Q: Will Computer Admin or any other CG Software run on a network?

A: Yes. Computer Admin and all our other products are based on the FileMaker Pro engine which can run on a network. You can place your data files on a file server and keep the application on a single machine and access the files remotely. Computer Admin understands TCP/IP.


Q: Can I have many people access the files from different locations?

A: Yes, you can have multiple users access the files. Place the data files (the files with the .ca4 extension) on a file server and install the Computer Admin application on the users PC. However the files can only be accessed by one user at a time. If one user has the files open and another user tries to open the 2nd user will get a warning that the files are already in use. The 2nd user need only wait until the 1st user closes out.


Q: How do I set up multiple users with the single user version?

A: Two ways. Remember that only one user at a time will be able to access the data files. When one user is done using the files they must exit from Computer Admin before the next user can access the data files.

You can install the entire Computer Admin application and files on a server and allow users to run the application directly from the server.

If this is not an option due to server restrictions you can install Computer Admin on each computer needing to access the data:

Move one set of data files (all the files ending in *.ca4) to the server. Note that all the *.ca4 files must be stored together in the same directory for the application to work properly.

After installing Computer Admin on each user machine you must remove the *.ca4 files from each users computer so that there is only the one set located on the server. The *.ca4 files hold the data and you don't want multiple copies on different machines.

Next, make a shortcut or alias to the ComputerAdmin.ca4 file and copy this shortcut to each users computer. Individual users can double click the ComputerAdmin.ca4 shortcut to open their copy of Computer Admin. The shortcut will point the application to the files stored on the server.



Q: Can more than one user access the files simultaneously?

A: Yes. To have multiple users access the Computer Admin databases simultaneously requires a registered copy of FileMaker Pro 9, 10 or 11 to be installed on each computer needing access to the Computer Admin files. The Computer Admin files are "Served" from one copy of FileMaker Pro and viewed on up to ten other computers simultaneously. To have more computers access simultaneously may require purchasing FileMaker Server. FileMaker Server will greatly enhance the speed of the system over a network.

FileMaker Pro is sold separately. Contact CG Software for a quote.



Q: How do I set the files to multi-user?

A: You must open the files from within Filemaker Pro 9, 10 or 11. Always open the ComputerAdmin.ca4 file.

The Computer Admin files are preset with multiuser enabled.

This will not work when using the runtime version of Computer Admin that comes with the download.



Q: Which license do I need to purchase for multiple users?

A: If you use Computer Admin by having one user at a time access the files then a single user license is all you need. The single user license is applicable for one set of data files and one user at a time.

If you need to have multiple users access the files simultaneously then you will need one license per user or you can purchase a site license which covers unlimited users in a single physical location (this covers one physical building).

Contact CG Software for more information if you have special licensing needs.


Q: How do I set up Filemaker Pro?

A: To use Computer Admin in a network environment you will need to install a copy of Filemaker Pro on each computer needing access to the Computer Admin files. Choose one computer to act as your Server. The Server must have either a copy of Filemaker Pro or Filemaker Server. The Server is the only computer that the Computer Admin databases will be installed on. The databases are the Computer Admin files that end with the extention *.ca4.

If you are using Filemaker Pro as your sever, open Filemaker Pro then from the File menu choose "Open" and locate the file named ComputerAdmin.ca4 in the Computer Admin folder. As long as your copy of FileMaker Pro is set to have sharing turned on the files will be available on your network.

If you are using Filemaker Server you must move the Computer Admin files to the same folder as Filemaker Server and configure Filemaker Server to recognize .ca4 as a filemaker extension. Instructions for this step are included with Filemaker Server.

Once this is done the files are ready to be accessed from other computers.